Inplant Training For Diploma Students

KAASHIV INFOTECH Provides Inplant Training for Polytechnic Students in Softwares We will train your skills in a better way through our inplant training.They can gain more knowledge in latest technologies and also they can develop their communication skills during their Placement .

Inplant Training for CSE/IT Students:

Technologies Provided :

1.Big Data Analytics + Nix Query

2.Cloud Computing + Mesh OverHaul Programmming

3.Ethical Hacking + Folder Closet Programming

4.Android & Mobile App Development

5.Internet Of Things(IOT) + CCNA(Networking)


Inplant Training for ECE/EEE/EIE Students:

1.Embedded System +AVR Micro Controller Programming

2.Wireless Sensor,NS2 + Satellite Caliberation

3.Ethical Hacking + Folder Closet Programming

4.MatLab + X-ray Onlooker Programs

5.Robotics +CCNA(Networking)

Inplant Training for Aeronautical/Civil/Mech:

1.3D Modelling +Mechanical Tear Duct Designs

2.Aircraft Designing + Propulsion Engine Design

3.Robotics + Satellite Azimuth Programming

4.Solar Construction + Solar Vehicle

5.Under Water Construction + Fluid Mechanics (Aero/Vehicle)


Big Data Analytics:

It is the process of inspecting huge information sets containing an assortment of information sort. Utilizing progressed examination systems, for example, content investigation, machine learning, prescient investigation, information mining, measurements, and regular dialect preparing, organizations can break down beforehand undiscovered information sources free.To analyze such a large volume of data, big data analytics is typically performed using specialized software tools and applications for predictive analytics, data mining, text mining, forecasting and data optimization. Collectively these processes are separate but highly integrated functions of high-performance analytics.

Inplant Training for BSC(CSE/IT)

Big Data Analytics

Inplant Training for BSC(CSE/IT)

Big Data

Embedded Programming

An Embedded System is a framework that has programming implanted into hardware, which makes a framework devoted for an applications or particular part of an application or item or part of a bigger framework. It forms a settled arrangement of pre-customized guidelines to control electro mechanical hardware which might be a piece of a considerably bigger framework (not a PC with console, show, and so forth).[see more]

Inplant Training for ECE

System Circuit

Inplant Training for ECE


Designing a Aircraft:

It is a preliminary specification.Size lifting and control surfaces and to Select and design airfoils. Many projects such as; the variable wing geometry, high speed aircraft, the Lancair and Stallion, the jump start gyro plane, the Acro 1 have required special airfoils.Make a three view drawing of aircraft.Make an inboard profile layout showing location of all major components.To Perform a weight and balance and stability check and rearrange components to meet requirements.Calculate performance based on Making an isometric drawing to show what aircraft looks like.

Inplant Training For Aeronautical Students

Design of Aeronautical

Inplant Training For Aeronautical Students


Features Provided By Us ?

->  Live California Cloud + Live Android Mobile Deployment.

->  100% Practical.

->  Live Robot Program, Big Data Construction/Analytics Live

->Training on 14 Softwares under 5 Technologies

->  Live Server Hack Security Training+LAN Configuration.


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