CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) “CCNA Routing and Switching” being nearest to the first CCNA center; different sorts of CCNA spotlight on security, joint effort, datacentres, administration suppliers, video, voice, and remote.

Network in CCNA

Network is an information transfers system which permits PCs to trade information. In PC systems, organized registering gadgets trade information with each other utilizing an information join. The associations between hubs are built up utilizing either link media or remote media. The best-known PC system is the Internet.


Network Diagram


Sample Network Diagram

Networking Devices in CCNA:

Gear that interfaces straightforwardly to a system section is referred to as a devices.These devices are broken up into two classifications.

  1. End-user devices:End-client gadgets incorporate PCs, printers, scanners, and different gadgets that give benefits straightforwardly to the client.
  2. Network devices:System gadgets incorporate every one of the gadgets that interface the end-client gadgets together to permit them to impart.


Protocol is the exceptional arrangement of principles that end focuses in a telecom association use when they impart. Conventions determine associations between the imparting elements.List Of Prototcols:

  1. File Transfer Protocol(FTP)
  2. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol(SMTP)
  3. Transmission Control Protocol(TCP)
  4. Telnet Telephone Network
  5. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol(HTTP)
  6. Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol(HTTPs)
  7. Post Office Protocol(POP)

Client Server Network:

The client–server network of figuring is a circulated application structure that parcels undertakings or workloads between the suppliers of an asset or administration, called servers, and administration requesters, called clients. Often customers and servers impart over a PC system on independent equipment, however both customer and server may dwell in the same framework. A server host runs one or more server projects which impart their assets to customers. A customer does not share any of its assets, but rather asks for a server’s substance or administration capacity. Customers in this way start correspondence sessions with servers which anticipate approaching solicitations.


Client Server Network


Client Server Network Model

Open Systems Interconnection Model

The Open Systems Interconnection model (OSI model) is a theoretical model that portrays and institutionalizes the correspondence elements of a telecom or registering framework without respect to their fundamental inner structure and innovation. Its objective is the interoperability of different correspondence frameworks with standard conventions. The model segments a correspondence framework into deliberation layers.

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